Benny Hester "United We Stand / Divided We Fall" (1990) -AOR / CCM-

Label : Frontline Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - Closer To Me (Benny Hester & Marty Walsh)
02 - Love Is Made Of This (Benny Hester)
03 - These Old Dreams (Benny Hester & Marty Walsh)
04 - Restless Nights (Benny Hester & Marty Walsh)
05 - Noonday Night (Benny Hester & Marty Walsh)
06 - You Can Have Mine (Benny Hester & Marty Walsh)
07 - Rain, Rain, Rain (Benny Hester)
08 - Too Bad She Didn't Want Me (Benny Hester & Claire Cloninger)
09 - Two Blue (Benny Hester & Marty Walsh)
10 - Break Out (Benny Hester & Marty Walsh)
11 - Climbing Jacob's Ladder (P.D. / Arranged by Bill Baumgart)

Produced by Benny Hester & Bill Baumgart for Benny Hester Music & Asylomar Productions
Engineered & Mixed by Dave Johnsen
Recorded at The Mixing Lab, Garden Grove, CA
Mastered by John Matousek at Soundworks, West Hollywood, CA
Production Coordination : Beth Wisner

Musicians :
Drums : John 'JR' Robinson
Bass : Neil Stubenhaus
Guitar : Marty Walsh
Keyboards : Tim Heintz & Smitty Price
Percussion on "Closer To Me", "These Old Dreams", "Noonday Night", "Rain, Rain, Rain" & "Two Blue" : Pete Pfiefer
Additional Drum Programming on "These Old Dreams" : Marty Walsh
Backup Vocals : Benny Hester, Marty Walsh, Mike Campion, Lary Melby & Doug Beiden
Backup Vocals on "Closer To Me" : Marty Walsh
Backup Vocals on "Climbing Jacob's Ladder" : Allison Beech, Dawn Wisner-Johnson, Janae (Wisner) Johnson, Beth Wisner, Christin Baumgart, Keisey Baumgart, Taylor Elias, Weston Melby, Kiley Campion & Little Williams Ellis
"Climbing Jacob's Ladder" : Traditional
Arranged by Marty Walsh : "Closer To Me", "These Old Dreams", "Restless Nights", "Noonday Night", "You Can Have Mine", "Two Blue" & "Break Out"
Arranged by Benny Hester : "Love Is Made Of This", "Rain, Rain, Rain" & "Too Bad She Didn't Want Me"
Arranged by Bill Baumgart : "Climbing Jacob's Ladder"