Farrell And Farrell "Choices" (1984) -CCM-

Label : Star Song Records

01 - Hosanna Gloria (David Robbins)
02 - He Will Always Make A Way (Bob Farrell)
03 - Get Right Or Get Left (Eddie DeGarmo & Dana Key)
04 - Through Your Eyes (Billy Smiley)
05 - Ransome (Bob Farrell)
06 - He Reigns (Bob Farrell & David Robbins)
07 - The Greatest Of These (Billy Smiley)
08 - Choose To Love (Mark Gersmehl)
09 - Give Me The Words (Billy Smiley)
10 - He Is There (Billy Smiley)

Produced by Ed DeGarmo & Bob Farrell for Mint Productions
Executive Producer : Dan R. Brock
Tracks Recorded by John Hampton at Ardent Studio A, Memphis, TN
Overdubs Recorded by Ed DeGarmo at Ardent Studio A, Memphis, TN & Brian Tankesley at Rivendell Recorders
Mixed by Jonathan David Brown & Ed DeGarmo at Rivendell Recorders, Pasadena, TX except for "Choose To Love" Mixed by Jonathan David Brown at Weddington Studio, N. Hollywood, CA  

All Lead vocals by Jayne Farrell & Bob Farrell

The Choices Team :

Keyboards : Carl Marsh, Ed DeGarmo & Keith Thomas
Acoustic & Simmons Drums : Chad Cromwell & John Hampton
Electric Lead & Rhythm Guitars : Dana Key
Orchestration Conceived, Arranged & Performed by Carl Marsh on the Fairlight CMI