Thelma Houston "Thelma Houston" (1983) -Contemporary R&B-

Label : MCA Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - Make It Last (Louie Shelton & Lana Bogan)
02 - Say Goodbye To Love (Jaï Winding)
03 - Running In Circles (Brian Unger, Rudy Perrone, Jon Carin & Mercury Caronia)
04 - What For (Randy McNeil)
05 - Givin It All (Patrick Henderson & Michael Bolton)
06 - Standing In The Light (Bunny Hull & Jeff Hull)
07 - Take Me Through Your Lifetime (Renee & Barry Ruff, Michael Kaplan)
08 - Just Like All The Rest (Bob Esty, Michelle Aller & Lindy Friedman)
09 - Handome Dudes (Barry Mann & Cynthia Weil)
10 - Working Girl (Bob Esty & Michelle Aller)

Produced by Jaï Winding & John Arrias for The Entertainment Company
Recorded by John Arrias
Executive Producer : Charles Koppelman 
Recorded at The Village Recorders, Cherokee Studios, Brian Elliot Studios & Sound Labs
Mixed at Cherokee Studios
Assistant Engineers : Richard Bosworth, Jim Faraci, David Hines & Paul Ray
Mastered at The Mastering Labs by Doug Sax
Rhythm Arrangements : Jaï Winding, Bob Esty, Greg Mathieson & Tom Saviano

Musicians :

Drums : Ed Greene
Bass : Ed Watkins & Neil Stubenhaus
Guitars : Paul Jackson Jr., Dennis Herring & Michael Landau
Acoustic Piano : Jaï Winding
Fender Rhodes : Jaï Winding & Greg Mathieson ("Handome Dudes")
Percussion : Michael Fisher
Synthesizers : Jaï Winding, Paul Fox & Bob Esty
Background Singers : Thelma Houston, Bunny Hull, Sharon Robinson, Julia Tillman Waters, Maxine Willard Waters, Oren Waters, Bob Esty, Michelle Aller & Cliff Frazier
Horns : Tom Saviano, Chuck Findley, Steve Madaio, Dave Boruff & Dick "Slyde" Hyde