Nigel Olsson "Nigel Olsson" (1978) -Westcoast Rock-

Label : CBS Records

01 - Rainy Day (Nigel Olsson & Ronn Price)
02 - You Know I'll Always Love You (Nigel Olsson, Jozy Pollock, Wayne Olsson & David Foster)
03 - Say Goodbye To Hollywood (Billy Joel)
04 - Part Of The Chosen Few (Nigel Olsson & Paul Davis)
05 - Please Don't Tease (Nigel Olsson, Jozy Pollock & David Foster)
06 - All It Takes (Nigel Olsson & David Foster)
07 - Living In A Fantasy (Nigel Olsson & Jozy Pollock)
08 - Right Or Wrong (Nigel Olsson, Jozy Pollock & David Foster)
09 - Cassey Blue / Au Revoir  (Nigel Olsson & David Foster) / (Nigel Olsson & Ronn Price)

Produced by Paul Davis & Nigel Olsson
Except "Say Goodbye To Hollywood" Co-Produced by Nigel Olsson & Curt Becher
Basic Tracks Recorded at Crystal Sound Studios, Hollywood, California by Kevin Beamish
Assistant Engineers : James Hill & Ann Bolling
Vocal, Guitars, Percussion & Overdubs Recorded at Web IV Studios, Atlanta, Georgia by Ed Seay
Assistant Engineer : Richard Wells
Strings Recorded by Moonlight in Borurne End, England by Kevin Beamish
Assistant Engineers : Phil Dunn & Stewart Epps
Mixed by Kevin Beamish, Paul Davis & Ed Seay at Crystal Sound Studios, Hollywood, California
Coordinators - Los Angeles - Marty Pichinson, John C. Babcock & Marcia Silver
Coordinators - Atlanta - Pam Davis & Lynn Carol
Coordinators - England - Sue Cook & Stewart Epps
Production Assistance - Los Angeles - Carl Olsson
Production Assistance - Atlanta - Wayne Olsson
Vocal Arrangements : Nigel Olsson
Orchestra Conducted by Martin Ford
Orchestral Arrangements : David Foster except "Living In A Fantasy" by Nigel Olsson & David Foster

Musicians :

Drums : Nigel Olsson, James Stroud & Mike Baird
Keyboards : David Foster & Paul Schaffer
Bass : Ray Ransom, Joe Chemay & David Wintour
Electric & Acoustic Guitars : Richie Zito, Ronn Price, Tom Fowle, Jay Graydon, Eddie Patterson & Richard Rising
Percussion : Nigel Olsson, James Stroud & Ray Cooper
Background vocals : Nigel Olsson, Curt Becher, Stephanie Spruill, Bruce Johnston, Jim Haas, Brent Nelson, Jon Joyce, Rhonda Riviera, Paul Davis, Ed Seay & Brenda Russell
Synthesizer on "You Know I'll Always Love You" : Michael Boddicker