England Dan & John Ford Coley "Some Things Don't Come Easy" (1978) -Soft Rock-

 Label : Big Tree Records / Atlantic Recording Corp. / Edsel Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - Some Things Don't Come Easy (Dan Seals)
02 - If The World Ran Out Of Love Tonight (Michael Garvin, Blake Mevis, Admiral S. Clay Wilson & Kelly Wilson)
03 - You Can't Dance (Tim Ryan & Bob Yeomans)
04 - Who's Lonely Now (John Ford Coley & Dan Seals)
05 - Hold Me (John Ford Coley, Bob Gundry & Simon Waltzer)
06 - We'll Never Have To Say Goodbye Again (Jeffrey Comanor) 
07 - Lovin' Somebody On A Rainy Night (Dave Loggins)
08 - Beyond The Tears (Jeffrey Comanor & Bob Gundry) 
09 - Calling For You Again (John Ford Coley & Bob Gundry)
10 - Wanting You Desperately (Dan Seals)
11 - Just The Two Of Us (John Ford Coley & Dan Seals)

Produced by Kyle Lehning for Twin Trumpets Production
Engineered by Kyle Lehning & Marshall Morgan with the help of Tom Knox
Recorded at Lee Hazen's "Studio By The Pond", Hendersonville, Tennessee
Mixed by at A&R Recording Studios, New York City by Elliot Scheiner
Mastered at Masterfonics, Nashville, Tennessee by Glenn Meadows

England Dan & John Ford Coley :
John Ford Coley : Acoustic Guitar, Keyboards, Lead & Background vocals
England Dan (Aka Dan Seals) : Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Lead & Background vocals

Additional Musicians :
Acoustic Guitars : Bobby Thompson, Johnny Christopher & Steve Gibson
Electric Guitar : Steve Gibson
Electric Lead Guitar : Steve Gibson
Steel Guitar : Doyle Grisham
Bass Guitars : Jack Williams & Joe Osborn
Keyboards : Shane Keister
Drums : Larrie Londin
Percussion : Farrell Morris
Organ : Bobby Emmons
Saxes on "Calling For You Again" : Mike Miller
Woodwind : Billy Puet
Harp : Cyndi Reynolds
Auto Harp : Gove Scrivenor
Horns : Muscle Shoals Horns : Harrison Calloway, Ronnie Eades, Harvey Thompson (Sax Solo) & Dennis Good
Strings : Shelly Kurland String Section
Strings Arranged by Bergen White
Back-up Vocals : Lisa Silver, Sheri Kramer & Diane Tidwell
Background vocals on "Just The Two Of Us" : Vicki Lehning
French Translation on "Just The Two Of Us" : Denise Peralta