Joe Bruce & 2nd Avenue "Joe Bruce & 2nd Avenue" (1987) -AOR-

 Label : Lord Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - We Can Have It All (Bruce Sudano & Michael Omartian)
02 - Something Tells Me (Into Something Good) (Bruce Sudano, Joe Esposito & Michael Omartian)
03 - No Way To Win (Bruce Sudano & Michael Omartian)
04 - Save The Love (Bruce Sudano, Michael Omartian & Richard Marx)
05 - Some Things Never Change (Bruce Sudano, Joe Esposito & Michael Omartian)
06 - The Terms Of Love (Bruce Sudano, Joe Esposito & Michael Omartian)
07 - The Message Is Clear (Bruce Sudano, Joe Esposito, Susan Munao & Michael Omartian)
08 - Powerful Girl (Bruce Sudano, Joe Esposito & Linda Bottlik)
09 - America (What's The Price You Pay) (John Lombardo & Joe Esposito)
10 - I Found Love (Bruce Sudano, Joe Esposito & Michael Omartian)

Produced by Michael Omartian for The Lighthouse Company
Engineered & Mixed by Terry Christian
Recorded :
At Lighthouse Recorders, North Hollywood, CA
Assisted by Steve Holroyd
At Lion Share Studios, Los Angeles, LA
Assisted by Laura Livingston
At Rhema Studios, Beverly Hills, CA & Holllywood Studios, Thousand Oaks, CA
Mixed at Lighthouse Recorders, North Hollywood, CA
Mastered by Steve Hall at Future Disc, Hollywood, CA

Joe Bruce & 2nd Avenue :
Joe 'Bean' Esposito : Lead vocals & Acoustic Guitar on "Powerful Girl"
Bruce Sudano : Lead vocals

Musicians :
Drums : John 'JR' Robinson
Bass : Nathan East & Joe Chemay
Guitar : Dann Huff
Keyboards : Michael Omartian
Synthesizer Programming : Erich Bulling & Marcus Ryle
Trumpets : Jerry Hey & Chuck Findley 
Saxophones : Gary Herbig & Kim Hutchcroft
Trombone : Bill Reichenbach
Sax Solos : Gary Herbig
Trumpet Solo : Chuck Findley
Percussion : Bob Conti
Background vocals :
Guys : The Swinging Fratellos (Suds, Bean & Home)
Girls : Dara Bernard, Mary Ellen Bernard & Portia Griffin
Additional Background vocals on "Something Tells Me (Into Something Good)" : Donna Summer
Synthesizer Overdubs on "I Found Love" : Christopher Omartian