Tavares "New Directions" (1982) -Westcoast Soul Funk-

  Label : RCA Records / RCA Victor / Sony Music / Big Break Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - A Penny For You Thoughts* (Kenny Nolan) 
02 - I Hope You'll Be Very Unhappy Without Me* (Bill LaBounty & Jay Senter)
03 - Mystery Lady* (Kenny Nolan)
04 - Abra-Ca-Dabra Love You Too* (Kenny Nolan)
05 - Got To Find My Way Back To You** (Ric Wyatt Jr. & Kris Young)
06 - Maybe We'll Fall In Love Again* (Ric Wyatt Jr. & Kris Young)
07 - The Skin You're In*** (Kenny Nolan) 
08 - Wanna Be Close To You (René Moore & Angela Winbush)

Bonus Track

09 - Got To Find My Way Back To You (Dance Mix)** (Ric Wyatt Jr. & Kris Young)
10 - A Penny For You Thoughts (Single Version)* (Kenny Nolan)
11 - The Skin You're In (Single Version)* (Kenny Nolan) 
12 - Got To Find My Way Back To You (Single Version)** (Ric Wyatt Jr. & Kris Young)

*Produced by Kenny Nolan & Jay Senter
**Produced by Ric Wyatt for Grand Slam Productions Inc. In Association with Jay Senter & Kenny Nolan
***Produced by Benjamin Wright Jr. for Ritenosian Productions
Engineers : Ed Biggs & Art Stewart
Assistant Engineer : Reggie Kendall
Recording Engineer : Peter Bishop
Recorded & Mixed at The Mom & Pops Co. Store, Inc., Studio City, CA; Jennifudy Studios, North Hollywood, CA & Kendun Recorders, Burbank, CA

String & Horn Arrangements : Ric Wyatt Jr. & Bill Meyers
String Contractor : Lori Woods
Orchestrated by Sam Brown III
Tenor Sax Solo : Johnny Washington
Rhythm Arranger : Ric Wyatt Jr.

Tavares :
Antone Tavares : Vocals
Feliciano Tavares : Vocals
Perry Tavares : Vocals
Ralph Vierra Tavares : Vocals
Arthur Tavares : Vocals

Additional Musicians : 
Guitars : Paul Jackson Jr., Charles Johnson, Marlo Henderson & Charles Fearing
Bass : Cornelius Mims, Neil Stubenhaus & Freddie Washington
Drums : John "JR" Robinson, Melvin Webb, Ric Wyatt Jr. & Leon "Ndugu" Chancler
Keyboards : Bill Meyers, Ric Wyatt Jr., Clarence McDonald & Benjamin F. Wright Jr.
Percussion : Mike Fisher & Paulinho Da Costa
Synthesizers : Ric Wyatt Jr., Rick Kelly & Ian Underwood
Bass Synthesizer : Ric Wyatt Jr.
Synclavier II : Guy Babylon & Benjamin Wright Jr.
Prophet V : Benjamin Wright Jr.
Horns : "The Mexican Connection"
Bobby Loya : Trumpet & Trombone
Bobby Navarrette : Reeds