Greg Guidry "Over The Line" (1982) -Westcoast Rock-

 Label : CBS Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - Goin' Down* (Greg Guidry & D. Martin) 
02 - (That's) How Long (Greg Guidry & D. Martin)
03 - Show Me Your Love (Greg Guidry & D. Martin)
04 - If Love Dosen't Find Us (Greg Guidry & J. Silbar)
05 - Gotta Have More Love (Greg Guidry, D. Martin & J. Silbar)
06 - Over The Line (Greg Guidry, T. Seals & E. Setser)
07 - (I'm) Givin' It Up (Greg Guidry)
08 - Are You Ready For Love* (Greg Guidry & Cathie Guidry)
09 - Into My Love (Greg Guidry & Cathie Guidry)
10 - Darlin' It's You (Greg Guidry & Cathie Guidry)

Produced by John Ryan for Chicago Kid Productions
*Coproduced by Greg Guidry
Recorded & Mixed in L.A. by Bill Drescher at Sound City & A&M Studios Recording in Nashville by Mike Psanos at Sound Stage
Assisted in Nashville by Steve Fralick
Mastered at Kendun Recorders, Burbanks, CA by Jeff Sanders

Musicians :
Greg Guidry : All Lead vocals
Duet with Sandy Guidry : "Into My Love"
Background vocals : Greg Guidry, Sandy Guidry, Cathie Guidry, Dennis Henson & Randy K. Guidry
Drums : James Stroud, Mark Hammond & Mike Psanos
Bass : David Hungate, Gary Lunn & Harry Crew
Guitars : Dann Huff
Piano : Phil Naish & Greg Guidry
Synthesizers : Gabriel Katona
Percussion : Bobby LaKind
Sax on "Over The Line" & "Are You Ready For Love" : David Sanborn
Sax on "(That's) How Long" : William Page
Horns : Muscle Shoals Horns
Orchestration by David Campbell